ruth's reusables Etsy Shop

We are drowning in one use disposable plastics. Bottles, cling film, plastic bags. It's in the oceans, it's destroying wildlife, it's causing climate change.

No one person being totally plastic free will make a difference. We all need to be on the journey together. We all need to be making small changes every day to stop the plastic avalanche.

With my help you can make the change. You can not only buy my reusable products, I can help you make them. You can learn a new skill and put it to the best use of all - making a difference.


Reusable Products - Made and Ready to Ship

The easy way to get started

A wide range of reusable products are available to buy from my Etsy shop. From face wipes to bowl covers, drawstring bags to sandwich wraps, all handmade by me in the UK.


Sew Your Own Reusables - Kits and Downloads

Learn a skill and help the planet too

A range of sewing projects for the beginner and the intermediate. You can opt for the kit which has the fabric and sewing notions you need plus the instructions, or the PDF download which is instant and you can print at home. With access to a free video showing how to make them, what's stopping you from starting to sew your own?


Fabrics and Haberdashery

All you need to sew your own

If you love bright and cheerful fabrics plus a range of sewing notions and other haberdashery to make your own reusable makes, have a good look around. Pretty, practical and planet friendly is what it's all about!