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5 Questions for an Eco-Friend - BeeEco Friendly

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Bobby and I am a mum of 2 girls (and a crazy Border Collie named Shadow) based in Selby, North Yorkshire. I have been a stay at home mum with my two girls but this September they have started full time school (where do the years go??).

A photograph of a woman with long brown hair and a red shirt standing in front of a white door. She's smiling.
Here's Bobby! Always nice to see a smiling small business owner!

Just over a year ago I started my small business BeeEco Friendly with the aim of taking this full time now my girls are in school. My aim is to make eco friendly products accessible and affordable for all so that together we can all make small steps towards big change.

2. Tell us about your business and what you do.

At BeeEco Friendly we have a wide (and ever growing) range of eco friendly products. Our best selling products include:

Our DIY beeswax food wrap kit

This is a kit to make a set of 3 reusable beeswax foodwraps (and to give you the knowledge to go on to make more of your own should you so wish). The kit contains all of the ingredients (and easy to follow step by step instructions) you will need and is priced at just £12 with free UK postage.

A cardboard box containing precut fabric, a paint brush and 4 blocks of beeswax
Reusable Beeswax Foodwrap Kit - everything you need to make 3

Our Plantable greetings cards

Our cards are printed onto paper that is embedded with wildflower seeds and can be planted after use to grow lots of bee friendly wildflowers. All greetings cards come with full planting instructions printed on the reverse too so the lucky recipient will know exactly what to do when the time comes. They are just £3 each with free UK postage.

A birthday card saying 'Hap-Bee Birthday' with a floral wreath and bees around it. Paper is speckled because it contains seeds
These I think are BRILLIANT! Plant your cards!

3. What made you start your eco/reusable business - why do you do what you do?

I started BeeEco Friendly because I wanted to make some changes towards living more environmentally friendly myself but found that lots of the products I wanted to try were very costly. When I discovered I could make some of these products at home myself for a fraction of the price I wanted to share these savings with as many people as I could and hopefully encourage more people to make the switches too. I am a big believer in lots of small steps leading to big change so I aim to provide products that can encourage these small steps.

Rainbow unicorn fabric made into reusable beeswax foodwraps
If you don't want to make your own wraps, you can buy them!

4. What is the best thing about your eco/reusable business - what do you love to sell/make/talk about?

For me the best thing about my small business is that I am going on a journey along with my customers and making small changes where I can too. As my personal experience of new products grows I am able to share them with my followers and my customers and we can enjoy making the switches together. I also love how many friends I have met along my journey so far, the small business community is SO welcoming and supportive, it is just amazing.

5. Where can people find and connect with you and learn more about what you do?

You can find BeeEco Friendly on:




Please find me on any platform and pop along and say hi, it would be so lovely to meet you! Bobby

The plantable greetings cards have to be one of the things I love most about Bobby's products. She's brought out a couple of new products since sending me this as well, so I highly recommend going for a browse around her shop!

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us your story, Bobby.

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