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5 Questions for an Eco-friend - Sewn By Sophia

For all its faults, I'm grateful to Instagram. I've met so many people who run Eco businesses and that means I'm able to bring them to you. Today's Eco-friend is Sophia, who runs a sewing business from Spain, making made to measure clothes for women of all sizes. In my spare time I sew clothes for myself and my children. Basic things from jersey that don't need proper fitting, so I'm in awe of the super comfy looking clothes that are perfectly fitted by Sophia, whatever your size.

Let's hear all about it from the sewing room in Spain...

Sophia, from Sewn by Sophia, in a gingham short sleeved dress
Sophia in one of her signature gingham styles


I’m Sophia, I’m an English Teacher and I’m from Yorkshire but now based in Seville, Spain (in my head, that was said in the voice of Graham from Blind Date). If, unlike me, you didn’t have the pleasure of brought up in 90s Britain you’ll have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, so let’s get to the point shall we? What’s an English teacher doing writing a guest post on a sustainability blog?

Well, when I’m not educating the bright young minds of tomorrow in the joys of the English Language (or dancing around my classroom with a puppet like a low-quality clown), I’m running my inclusive slow fashion business Sewn by Sophia.

So, why choose slow fashion? You’re reading a sustainability blog, so my guess is that you already have an idea of how devastating the fast fashion industry is, both for the environment and the workers involved in the supply chain; if you’re interested in learning more about this is a great place to start.

What slow fashion lacks in speed, it makes up for in so many other things. I’m using Ruth’s prompt to help me write this and the question is “what’s the best thing about your business?” I’d love to tell you what the best thing is but it’s impossible for me to choose, so I’ve picked a few.

Made to order and made to measure – ensuring a perfect fit with no waste. Made to order means, no waste and no excess stock. Simple.

Size inclusivity – this is probably the thing I’m most passionate about, fast fashion sucks but for lots of people online brands like Shein are they only option they have. I believe that slow fashion needs to be inclusive, my size chart goes up to a UK size 40 and I offer a made to measure service at no extra cost so if you’re between sizes or not on the chart then that’s not a problem.

A woman in a black corduroy dungaree dress standing outside her house
One of Sophia's fabulous dungaree dresses - how comfy does this look?

Zero waste – my fabric waste is used for everything from my zero waste accessories collection to pocket linings, to cushion stuffing; nothing goes in the bin! And all my packaging is recyclable.

Finally I’m going to answer a slightly different question, what’s my favourite thing about my small business? Creating something specifically for someone and then seeing it on is amazing, I love getting to know my customers and helping them to design their dream outfit. And secondly, the journey it’s taken me on; I’ve learned so much in the last ten months about the failures of fast fashion and the plus sized fashion industry and the amazing brands trying to change that, something I’m really proud to be a part of. I can’t wait to continue this journey and share it with you all.

A woman in a green dress on a lawn
A custom order - and isn't it a stunner in that green!

Ruth’s next question is what do you love to talk about? I think I’ve covered what I wanted to say but I’m going to be honest with you, I just love to talk… if you’ve enjoyed reading this then please slide into my DMs or email because I would love to chat.

You can find me on Instagram, on my website or via email"

Sophia's prices are so reasonable for made to measure clothes, and the fabrics so cheery, I challenge you not to be tempted - plus she knows how to do shirring, and that, my friends, gets my vote!

Thank you for sharing your journey and your ethos, Sophia, and I hope that gave you all a bit of respite from fast fashion.

Ruth xxx

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