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A reusable Christmas without the bang...

Way back in July 2020, someone asked me about Christmas Crackers. Reusable ones. Challenge accepted I said, and in October I revealed the Ruth's Reusable Christmas Cracker. I was rather pleased with them, and so it seemed was Etsy as they became an Etsy Top Pick. I lost track of the number I made last year, but it was a fair few!

I'm still making them ready to ship, but with the move to PDF downloads and kits, I knew this was one I really wanted to turn into a Sew Your Own Reusables.

I love a good fact about waste and why we need to move to reusables and stop throwing things away, so here's some about Christmas that I found out from the internet:

  1. 30% more waste is produced at Christmas than during the rest of the year

  2. More than 100 million bags of rubbish are sent to landfill every Christmas - including around 3.5 black bags of packaging

  3. We throw out around 105 million rolls of wrapping paper - all that glittery stuff isn't recyclable remember!

  4. Around 40 million Christmas Crackers are thrown away each year - plus the plastic packaging they come in too which mostly isn't recyclable

I found my information from a couple of websites - GWP Packaging and Resource - if you'd like to read more.

Moving over to something reusable is absolutely one of the best ways to reduce waste. If you use it more than once, it's a definite win, and if you use it multiple times, even better. 40 million Christmas Crackers thrown away each year? Imagine if we could drop that to half by reusing the ones we had!

So let me introduce the Sew Your Own Reusables Christmas Cracker Kit AND the PDF Download version. Sure they won't ever go with a bang, but they will save a lot of waste going into landfill, you can continue to increase your sewing skills and YOU get to decide what goes into your cracker - from chocolates, to toy cars or even a bit of jewellery if you're feeling flush!

With the PDF Download you get all the instructions, plus details on how to take measurements of your cardboard tubes and cut fabric accordingly.

With the Kit you get all you need to make 6 Christmas Crackers including the instructions - and the fabric is all pre-cut so you don't have to do that job, which, let me tell you, is the most onerous bit of sewing!

What kind of pattern do you go for with your Christmas fabric? I'm definitely not cutesy, more funny, so obviously I couldn't resist turning this Penguin in Santa Hat fabric into one of the kits and a ready to ship set too!

If you don't usually go for crackers, these would look equally fabulous around your house or even on the tree - with the download version you could make tiny ones too.

I encourage you to think about what one use disposable plastic you produce at Christmas and what you could do to change this. One change is the start to making a big difference.

Whenever you are reading this, have a wonderful Christmas. Here's to 2022!

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