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Charity Shops - Reducing, reusing and recycling!

Are you a clothes horse? Do you scour the magazines looking for what's in fashion this season? Always need the most up to date items? Before you click buy on those funky hot pants you'll wear once this summer, here's some facts from Oxfam:

  • Every week 13 million items of clothing ends up in UK landfill

  • It would take 13 years for one person to drink the water needed to make one cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans?

  • The clothes sent to landfill every week weigh as much as the Empire State Building

  • The clothes Oxfam saves from landfill every year weigh as much as the Eiffel Tower

Speaking of Oxfam, do you ever go to charity shops? We are down to 2 in our town, as sadly one didn't survive the pandemic, but the two we have are pretty well stocked, and I love a good browse for books and bric a brac - remember I did once get a sewing machine in a charity shop, if you remember my blog back at the end of May!

My sister on the other hand is the Queen of finding amazing items in charity shops. It's a running joke that when she's wearing something new I ask her 'Oh where did you get that?' and before she has time to reply, I say 'Don't tell me, a charity shop!' I've asked her on the blog today to find out why she loves a good charity shop rummage and how important it is for the world we live in. Here's her story:

"I'm a Primary TA and French and Spanish Teacher based in Saltaire, and a self- confessed charity shop addict.

In my free time, I love to buy clothes and presents for people in charity shops. I often spend all year gathering up Christmas presents from other people's unwanted items. Very often the items are still unopened or barely used. This taps into my love of recycling and reusing for the benefit of the planet!

Why do I love charity shops? Not only are you going to find a bargain and help a charity at the same time, but you could find something quirky or unusual. The sameness of rows and rows of clothing on the High Street can be very uninspiring.

A white dress with black bird design dress bought in a charity shop
Quirky dresses are Rachel's style - charity shop chic!

A blue wool coat and scarf bought in a charity shop
The blue jacket that I love - keeping warm in winter with charity shop buys!

Who wouldn't love it when someone compliments you on your clothes and you know that the outfit is recycled and cost hardly anything? If you realise that the clothes don't quite suit... simply donate them again. Your money has gone to a good cause! It's not just clothes, don't forget homeware and accessories. Handbags and jewellery being my favourites. The days of the musty old charity shop are over. Now you will find a clean and modern boutique with different goods ready to be discovered! Allez-y!"

Costume jewellery and bric a brac, including a photo frame and a vase
Rachel loves a good bit of costume jewellery too!
A pair of silver VANS trainers found in a charity shop
One of Rachel's bargain brand finds - a pair of VANS!!

Thank you Rachel! There's not much more I can say other than, is it time you found nearest charity shops and started having a rummage? With people having clear outs throughout lockdown, a lot of shops are burgeoning with bargains. I found my new favourite jeans in Knaresborough for the bargain price of £3.95 - that's 13 years of water saved!

Have a fabulous week!

Ruth xxx

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