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It's so fluffy I'm gonna die....

Terry towelling, that's what I'm on about!

I sell two different kinds of terry towelling in my shop, and I've used both of them in products that I've made, and kits that I sell. I've bought more bolts of towelling than I have any other fabric - I'm on my third bolt of organic bamboo as I write.

Let me give you 5 facts about them both:

  1. The bolts I buy are from a local supplier (45 minutes away!) and they are made in Italy - that makes it sound so posh!

  2. Both are 90% natural fibres and 10% polyester. The polyester provides the frame for the cotton or bamboo loops to sit on. This is the highest natural fibre content you can get for towelling. I don't believe 100% exists - although I am always prepared to be proved wrong!

  3. Both fabrics are double sided, so you don't have to worry about right or wrong sides, you can use it both ways.

  4. Both fabrics are really soft, although the organic bamboo is beautifully silky, and I always recommend it for eye make up wipes.

  5. Both fabrics can be used for a variety of reusable products from reusable face wipes to unpaper towels and the absorbent layer in sanitary towels - you can't get better than the bamboo for this it's so absorbent and thin.

White Cotton Terry Towelling Fabric
Double sided Cotton Terry Towelling - lovely and soft!

Cotton has a bit of a bad reputation in the clothing industry for having a large environmental footprint (water, pesticides), but, used sensibly and reused many times to replace a one-use disposable product, such as a disposable face wipe, it serves a very useful purpose.

White Organic Bamboo Terry Towelling
Super Silky Soft and Absorbent Organic Bamboo Towelling

Organic Bamboo has more to recommend it, as it is more sustainable to grow than cotton and requires less cotton. Not only that, but it is thinner, more absorbent, dries quicker which makes it perfect for sanitary towels.

Whichever you prefer, you can buy by the metre, half metre and fat quarter and use them with the PDF pattern for Face Wipes or Sanitary Towels.

Learn a new skill, make yourself something useful and reuse it again and again!

Which would you choose?

Ruth x

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