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Let's Make Personalised Christmas Crackers!

Sometimes you get an idea in your head and you just have to get it out, well that was the way with me and my latest product - Personalised Reusable Christmas Crackers.

The idea actually occurred to me in 2020 just as my original Christmas Cracker set had been picked for a Top Pick by Etsy. I didn't have the energy to go through with it at the time, and it just sat in my head for most of 2021, until one day I decided to make some for a friend, just before the school run. I wouldn't recommend giving yourself an hour to make them, especially if you're new to electronic cutting machines (I hadn't used mine in 2 years!) but despite the craft room looking like a bomb site, I managed it!

All in all in all they are pretty easy to make if you have my Reusable Christmas Cracker PDF Download and an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut or a Silhouette and here is how you do it:

  • Following the instructions on my Reusable Christmas Cracker PDF Download pattern, cut the size of fabric you need for the cardboard tubes you'll be using and make the marks for the ribbons.

  • Using your electronic cutting machine, cut out the names you need from Heat Transfer Vinyl and weed the excess vinyl.

  • Centre the name on the fabric using the marks you previously made for the ribbons as this shows the boundaries of your cracker tube.

A rectangle of red cotton fabric on a green cutting mat. The cotton fabric has the name Lara in black letters in the middle.
Try to get the name centred between the two marks for the ribbons
  • Using a medium-hot iron and with an old cotton tea towel on top of this, gently press the iron on top to heat the vinyl and adhere it to the cracker.

  • Check if the vinyl is stuck down by carefully peeling the clear transfer backing off. If it's not, repeat the step above.

  • Make the cracker up following the instructions and there you have it - a personalised cracker!

A hand holding a red fabric Christmas Cracker with the name Lara in black in the middle. Background is a green cutting mat.
A personalised red cotton Christmas Cracker ready for the table!

I use a Sihouette Cameo I bought second hand on eBay in 2019. It's a very old version, but still works extremely well with the software.

I used Lucida Handwriting font at 72pt and can get a name up to 9 letters on the cracker.

I used Siser Easy Peel Heat Transfer Vinyl, which works extremely well and the backing peels off when warm easily, although I'm waiting on an order of this Eco Friendly Heat Transfer Vinyl from GM Crafts.

Don't forget to mirror your image before you cut otherwise it will be backwards when you transfer it!

I've since made some more for others and they've been using them as table centre pieces in their Christmas decorations.

If you have a Cricut or a Silhouette this is a really easy addition you can make to the Christmas Cracker PDF Download and is a lovely personal gift you can use year after year to decorate your table, and to decorate your tree.

Don't forget there's a video on my YouTube channel showing you how to make up the crackers from the PDF Download and the Kit as well.

If you're not up to making them, then let me. They are available in my Etsy shop in red or green cotton.

Happy making in time for Christmas!

Ruth xx

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