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Making a small reusable gift bag

I bought some lovely earrings from Etsy to give as a Christmas gift this year and I wanted to wrap it in something reusable rather than the traditional wrapping paper that is often not recyclable and usually ends up in the bin.

My most popular kit this year has been the Reversible Drawstring Bag Kit, which gives you all the fabric and the instructions you need to make a drawstring bag measuring 11 x 11 inches. You can also download a PDF version of the instructions to use with your own fabric.

I decided I'd like to make a drawstring bag for my earrings in their box, but it's obviously a different size to the one in my kit. What to do? Well, I'm here to tell you that it's really easy to adapt the pattern to make a drawstring bag of any size.

A turquoise box in the middle of a piece of Christmas fabrics on a green cutting board
Measure up your present and fabric first

First of all, measure the size of the item you want to put in the bag. In my case, the box measured just over 4.5 inches by 4 inches and 3/4 inch deep. So you need to add an inch for some room to accommodate the depth, then another inch down the sides and at the bottom for seam allowance (half an inch each side), and an additional inch at the top to add in the drawstring casing.

So my initial measurements were 9 x 9 inches square and this is what the finished bag looks like.

A small drawstring gift bag with Christmas fabric (dogs in Christmas hats on light blue cotton) and Christmas ribbon
The finished bag - complete with Christmas ribbon!

I decided not to box mine out as in the instructions, because it's not a huge package. I made it a bit roomy, because it means the recipient can use it for something slightly bigger if they have to.

Drawstring bag in Christmas fabric showing a small turquoise gift box inside
The little box comfy in it's drawstring bag all ready to give as a present

All the instructions are in the PDF Download, and when you've made a few, adapting these bags to different sizes is really easy.

As always, there's a video on how to make a drawstring bag for you to follow along with on my YouTube channel.

Make them plain, like the red or green cotton from my shop, or with any number of amazing Christmas fabrics that are out there - just try to avoid the ones with added microplastics if you can!

Happy Sewing!

Ruth xxx

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