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Sewing Tips - Threading Your Machine

I thread my sewing machine so many times that when I'm sewing it's like second nature to me. I could probably do it in my sleep, but I wouldn't like to try - needles are sharp.

If you want a really interesting read as to the history of the sewing machine, the Wikipedia article is very extensive. Patents and litigation played a big part in the sewing machine with several inventors taking competitors to court over various copyright infringements until 1856 when 6 inventors/developers, including a man named Singer, joined up and formed The Sewing Machine Combination that pooled their patents.

The reason we have the sewing machine we have today is because of them - community over competition indeed.

When I lived in Glasgow, there was a train station known as Singer in Clydebank and I always assumed it had something to do with sewing machines and I was right. There was a huge factory there. It was actually built in a place called Kilbowie, but the original station was moved and the new station named Singer. If you're further interested in the history, during the war, the Clydebank Blitz, competition from Japan and its ultimate demise, West-Dunbartonshire council has a good history on its website. In 1913 the factory outside Glasgow made 80% of all the company's output, so if you have an old Singer sewing machine from that era, chances are it was made there. I'm definitely on the hunt for one!

So, time to thread your sewing machine. If you read my bobbin threading blog of a few weeks ago, this goes nicely along with it because you can't sew without both - it's the wonder that is lockstitch.

In simple terms your spool sits on the top, you thread goes across the top, into the guide, down past your tension discs, back up through your thread uptake lever and down again to the needle. You can see the path it takes in the photo below.

A photograph of a sewing machine showing the thread being threaded in the machine.
Threading your sewing machine

I have a video over on my YouTube channel showing how it's done, so do pop over and have a look.

I hope you found this useful. Thanks again for reading!

Ruth xxx

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